Modelling of Ridge Concentrator with Ultra Capacitor Storage


The proposed system is to enhance the output of the solar PV. By using reflectors solar radiation falling over the solar cells is increased. Along with the duration and intensity of light, temperature also has greater effect on PV performance. An Additional cooling system attached at the back of the panel to reduce the cell temperature which further improves the output efficiency. Also through which hot water is produced as a by-product.

Ridge Concentrated Solar panel consists of two reflectors each on one side. The sun light which is incident on the reflectors get reflected onto the panel, thereby the strength of the solar light incident on the panel is increased.

In the prototype, we have used three panels:

  • one with two reflectors (2x Concentrated),
  • other with only one reflector (1x) and
  • the last one with no reflectors (No Concentrated).

The output power from all the three panels are measured separately and compared to analyze the efficiency of the ridge concentrated panel. Now, this generated dc voltage from the solar-panel is given to the maximum power point tracking system.

Tags: Capacitor,Ridge concentrator

Date: April 21, 2017

Category: Product Development