Performance Evaluation of Solar V Trough PVT Concentrator

A Prototype is designed to compare the performance parameters of conventional solar panel system with different concentration ratio. Also an MPPT is installed along with the 2X concentrated solar panel to obtain the maximum power from the system. By using a secondary charging unit the lifetime of the battery is improved.

A simulation and experimental study was attempted to increase the power output from a 75 W mono and multi crystalline solar panel using V Trough solar concentrators, thus estimating its ideal concentration ratio for domestic applications in the absence of automatic tracking. The net radiation falling on the panel due to reflection from concentrators and the shading caused by the reflectors was simulated using TRACE PRO and PV Syst Software, calculating the net power output, losses and output energy. Through the simulated values, the calculated unit cost of energy for the concentrator arrangement with 1 X, 2 X, 3 X and 4 X configurations are found to be 0.81, 0.70, 0.74 and 0.75 $/kWh respectively for the 1st year. It is estimated that 2 X configuration having a surface temperature of less than 70°C, CO2 savings of 28 % higher than the reference model and a unit cost of 0.7 $/kWh is the optimum concentration ratio for a solar V Trough concentrator.

Tags: V Trough PVT Concentrator, Household applications

Date: April 21, 2017

Category: Product Development